Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NAS: 2014 Goals

Ladies I am so ecstatic for the Not Alone Series to be back again (don't let the late Tuesday posting fool you).  I really have missed interacting with all of you on a regular basis and reading about your life as a young, single, Catholic lady.  The holidays were blessed, even the stomach flu AND cold that graced my lovely body.  I got to email back and forth with my accountability partner Sarah at Footprints on My Heart which was awesome.  She is a super cool girl with a big heart and a genuine love of Our Lord and Our Lady so you should defiantly go check out her blog and get to know her.

I am back at school again for my last (l.a.s.t. LAST.) semester of nursing school which is just crazy, so please pray for me with that because big life decisions are fast approaching.  But before we get too dramatic about this whole graduation and big kid life thing I gotta point you towards my goals for 2014.  Not all of my goals are for the whole semester (Jen, having a perfect goal for this post I consider a little cheating since you knew the NAS topic while writing your goals ;) ) but they are my real honest to goodness goals.  Key into the faith, family and friends and blogging goals.  And if you want a little more new year goodness just check out my word for 2014.  I hope you will follow my little bloggity here so that you can journey along with me with the Not Alone Series and as I conquer my goals for 2014.

Head on over to Jen's blog to see more goals for 2014!
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  1. Yay for being in your last semester of school! I'm in the same boat as you!! :)

  2. bahaha... honestly, Morgan and I had NO idea what this weeks topic was going to be until last weekend, so I wrote those goals blind, my friend. Blind. :)

    And, you already know my feelings about your goals. So.. there. :P