Saturday, January 4, 2014

7QT (Vol. 22)

What day is it Friday? Saturday?  Still on Christmas break is my excuse for posting this on Saturday.

With stamp prices going up this week I invested in $36 worth of Forever stamps.  I just wanted to start this out with a really exciting first take.  Yeah I know all of you are hook, line, and sinker.

So Advent is over and so is my "Advent:Purposely Waiting" series of posts.  Looking back Advent wasn't all I wanted it to be but I know I entered into the season more than I would have if I wasn't purposeful about it.  My favorite and most enriching part was reading parts of Luke 2 often.  Next Advent I will defiantly be coming back with more.

So Christmas.  Blessed as always.  I was really humbled when during prayer I began to think about how much Christmas meant to the Jewish people.  Christ being incarnated meant everything the Lord had promised His people was true.  Everything they based their faith on was real.  The incarnation is something we have so taken for granted but we need to stop and reflect on what a big deal it is that the God of the universe came down from heaven to be incarnated as a man.  Wow.

As always I was also very blessed with gifts-some winter weather running gear, Naked 3 palatte, a few new sweaters and jewlery, these awesome jeggings from Old Navy, and new scarfs.  This is what I wore to Christmas Eve Mass.

Did you see my 2014 Goals post?

Target post Christmas clearance.  Where else can you get shot glasses for 30 cents each (the two I had both cracked) and make up remover wipes, 30 for 90 cents. When my mom asked why I would need shot glasses I first said mixed drinks and then laughed and said really I needed them for dessert shooters like the ones from Applebees.  Mom, I wanted them for mixed drinks.

Did you get your patron saint for the year yet?  Hope on over to Conversion Diary and get yours.  I am pretty stoked, I got the one and only St. Joseph, aka foster father of Jesus.  Yeap be jealous.

It is good to be back for regular random posts.  So what do you want to see here in the new year.

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  1. I'm laughing about the shot glasses! Your mom probably knows ;)