Friday, August 30, 2013

7QT (Vol. 18)

On Sunday I moved back to school and this week began my fifth year of college.  Ahh how crazy is that?!  It feels so surreal to be back on the hill again.  So surreal but reminds me just how blessed I am and how much I cannot take it for granted.  Being my final year I also realize how much I need to prepare to live out in the world.  I am just placing this school year and all the decisions that need to be made into His hands wishing only to do His will.  

Any other Frannies out there appreciate moving things that were stored in houses over the summer back onto campus?

So because I am back at school I am expecting that blog writing will slow way down from what it was over the summer.  I value this blog community so much but I do not appreciate it nearly as much as I appreciate the living breathing community I have around me while at college.  I need to figure out a way to still blog without doing it at the expense of community here.   Because I moved back into the dorms (deserves a post all on its own) I know What I Wore Sunday may come completely to a halt but I will try some half way decent quality outfit posts as often as possible.

So if any of you don't know this (though fellow Frannies know all to well) Steubenville is very hilly.  The University itself is on a big heal and on that big hill is lots of inclines.  Well running on these hills is proving to be very difficult.  My thighs and calves hate me.  Just got to keep pushing.

Nude nail polish? I know some love it but I still can't decide if I like it on me.

The Great Geauga County Fair is a really big deal at home.  As in schools have off Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  It is the oldest fair in the state of Ohio.  Every year my dad grows sunflowers for it and has won first place many years.  Once again my dad will be brining home a blue ribbon.  His sunflower was 14 feet 2 inches tall-crazy!

This is so much about moving back to school but I just had to link to this post from Jen at Jumping In Puddles-An Open Letter to Catholic (Single) Men.  Thank you Jen for sharing a little piece of your heart and affirming the good men out there.

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  1. I did that when I moved my Mary statue too! haha love it. and love the nude nail polish! And maybe you will have to blog while in the presence of people who are homeworking as a study break. Might be a good reliever! Also, I want to see pictures of this sunflower! Sounds crazy!

  2. HAHA Our Lady all buckled up! My best friend was the president of our school's Legion of Mary for a while in college and I can remember similar times of traveling around with their Pilgrim Virgin statue...I wrapped her in towels in my laundry basket a few times...definitely dig the nude polish! Happy start of the school year and enjoy the weekend, Natalie!

  3. Thanks for the link love there, my friend! :) It was just something I had been noticing in my wanderings throughout the interwebz, and I started to feel bad! I wanted a guy to see that we do believe in them and want them to be encouraged to pursue us, ya know?!

    Good luck with school!!! Have fun with your IRL friends, although your bloggy friends will miss not seeing you as much! BUT, if you ever need to vent about nursing things, I AM ALL EARS! :)