Sunday, August 11, 2013


So on Friday I turned 23 years old.  I wanted to do a post on 23 things that happened on my 23rd birthday because when it is your birthday you get to do what you want.  I meant to post it yesterday but as you will read I have a summer cold and it prevented me from being able to stay awake long enough to finish off this post.

1. Ate half a blueberry muffin and half a double chocolate chip muffin while sipping coffee, reading blogs and praying morning prayer. What better way to start my 23 year of life.

2. During the day I went to my usual Friday nanny job.  The kids were relatively agreeable. I tried to pull the birthday card when it was put up to discussion what movie we would watch.  I it was vetoed anyway and they thought I was just kidding.

3.Of course I had a second cup of coffee while I watched the kids.  My birthday wouldn't be complete with at least one more cup of coffee.

4.  The kids made me these because it was also the last day I would be watching them this summer.  Aren't they cute?!

5. After work, I stopped at my friend's house (never know what to call her because friend eludes that she is my age but really she is a decade my senior has a husband, three kids and a masters degree.  I digress.) They gave me a gift of a lovely frame that I can't wait to put in my dorm room and also picked me up a loaf of Amish made wheat bread.

6. I really love this frame.  This isn't the kind of thing you can get for yourself so I am glad I can always say it is a gift.

7. We hung around, drank some watermelon beer and the 4 year old "washed" half my car. 

8. How many people get colds in the summer.  How many people start coming down with said summer cold on their birthday?  Well count me in the club.

9. The only thing I can do is take two airborne, drink a cup of echinecia tea and take a nap. 

10. Snot becomes neon.  Just being honest.

11. After I took a shower and woke up from a little nap due to said summer cold we headed to a little cutesy town about 20 minutes away.

12. I sent three and received three snapchats on August 9th.  

13. I wanted to eat at a restaurant called Flipside that serves funky burgers.  We put our name down and they said it would be a 45-60 wait.  Rather than the buzzers they used and IPad app that texted you when your table was ready.

14. While waiting we stopped into a book store and looked around.  This store wasn't part of a chain so had a lot of charm.

15. The wait ended up being 90 minutes.  Boo!

16. The restaurant redeemed itself with delicious food.  I had a burger with aged cheddar cheese, bacon and grilled onions.

17. Also we split fries fried in truffle oil and kettle chips topped with a blue cheese and yogurt topping.

18. I got a Bourban Beer with dinner.  My friend from Kentucky, where it is made told me about it. It is beer that is brewed in old Bourban barrels so the beer alao has a smooth taste of Bourban.

19. Once home I opened presents from my family-a cute notepad, travel coffee mug, stethoscope ID tag, and a book.

20. The day before I had picked up a red velvet cake at Costco and my mom picked up ice cream, yum yum.

21. I learned I had to get up at 6:00 the next morning.  I thought it was in my best interest to hit the sack as soon as possible.

22. I started my 23rd year of life by running my first ever 5k.  I can't complain that is not a bad way to start 23.

23. This year, Lord willing, I will finish my 5th and final year at Franciscan, graduate college with a BSN, take and pass my NCLEX, select and move somewhere to settle down for the immediate future and anything else the Lord has in store for me. 

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