Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NAS: Day in the Life

After a winter break NAS is back!!  Excited to get the new year going and linking up with @Jumping in Puddles for a Day in the Life post.  Now I have done a week in the life post and another day in the life post from the summer as a nanny but I have yet to do one as an RN.

So a little disclaimer.  This day is still in my temporary job so this isn't what I will be doing everyday but just yesterday I accepted my full time permanent job in the WomanCare Birth Center aka the Labor and Delivery unit (eeek!!).  Right now I will just be orienting to Labor and Delivery but will gradually also orient to Triage, OB ICU and learn how to circulate in the OR. Also, I can't go into much detail about my work day because of HIPPA but I will give you what I can.

With out further ado....

(I wrote most of this in live time....)

5 am.....Alarm goes off.  Is anybodies else first thought when their alarms go off is when is the next time I can sleep in our is that just me?

Shower, coffee, dressed, make-up, hair, breakfast, Bible time.

6:00am.....Leave the apartment and drive to my parking lot.  Normally I can push it to 6:10 but we had snow overnight and I want to leave time for the rights to be bad.  Thankfully they weren't too bad and people were driving appropriately-not so slow, not like a maniac.

6:25....Park and take the shuttle to the hospital.

Get my scrubs out of the scrub machine. Change into my scrubs.

6:55 Clock in.  Today I am working in PMU, Prenatel Monitoring Unit.  I head downstairs and get situated.  Yesterday, our OB charting switched over to a new system so today should be interesting actually getting my hands dirty with it.

9:30-11:55....6 NST, non-stress test, including two sets of twins.  Simply put a NST reassures us that a baby is happy and healthy in utero by looking at the babies heart rate for at least 20 minutes.

12:45....Lunch time!  Ceasar salad and leftover chicken from Chinese with my parents.  Also chips, given to all the nurses to help soften the blow of switching OB charting. 

1:15-3:41.....Three more NSTs including talking to the cutest big brother and a twins mom who got sent upstairs to the birth center to be induced because we were not reassured by one of the twins.  

Quickly change out of my scrubs so that I can make the shuttle.  I will return them tomorrow because tick, tock.

4:05 Make the shuttle, get to my car, drink a protein shake and Swiss cheese for dinner while I drive over to the house I nanny at. 

4:25 Arrive at the twins house. 

Load the bottles in the dishwasher.  Play with and keep entertained any twin who is awake.  Around 6 their mom starts giving them baths and I get them dressed .  Start feeding them at 7 and they eat and fall asleep quickly.  I guess I did a good job at keeping them entertained.  

9:30.....Leave their house and head home.
And here I am sitting at my apartment putting the final touches on this post so I can get to bed.  I did my best at showing you a typical day but honestly my days are never really typical. 

Sorry I didn't include any pictures.  I should have atleast gotten a selfie but alas I did not.

Now the "required" questions.   

What is your favorite part of the day? On this day, I love being with moms especially the great ones that exude joy.  But I also love my days off or the days I don't work my other job and have some down time.  

What is your least favorite part of the day? I think a lot of people would agree with me that the worst part of the day is when your alarm goes off and you realize you have to get up.  After I get going I am very chipper but at first I just think about when is the next time I can sleep in.  

Are you making any changes to your daily routine now that the new year has started?  Honestly no.  I wish I could say I would would be working out more but honestly when I get up at 5 and don't normally get home until 9:30 working out most days just isn't going to happen .  The biggest change to my schedule will involve starting my job and working two 12 and two 8 hour shifts rather than five 8 hour shifts.

Don't forget to link-up with the other NAS ladies @ Jumping in Puddles.
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  1. Wow! I didn't realize you have been working 8s. Is that typical for OB? Or is it because of orientation?

    Congrats on the new position, though! :) Oh, and every single time my alarm goes off I think "NOOO!" and usually something about wanting to sleep in. So, I am with ya! :)

  2. Your jobs sound hard and rewarding at the same time. Congrats on the new one! Will you keep your nanny position then? And it sounds like not working out is just where it's at - not doable with the schedule! But I bet running around as a nurse and nanny will keep you on your feet at least a little :-)

  3. I loved reading your day - although I'm sure it can be stressful, being around little babies all day sounds amazing to me, I wish more of them came into our office to visit with us! And I'm with you for the least favorite part of the day, my bed is just so comfortable!!!

  4. I used to babysit for twins (who are now in highschool!!!) and their two older siblings, and it was so. much. fun. They lived two houses down from my family so I could walk there. We'd spend hours playing outside or going to the park. The time goes by so quickly. I would live it all over again if I could!

  5. Congrats on the new job!! Please do another one of these posts once you get into the routine there :)

    Jeepers, your day is busy!! Way to go keeping all those balls in the air :)

  6. You are so busy - a new nurse and a nanny! I LOVE reading about your day. And totally jealous of all the babies.