Thursday, October 2, 2014

#nannylife Day in the Life

So I am moving really soon and starting my new job as an RN but I have been meaning to do a nanny day day in the life so I say better late than never.  I really enjoy reading days in the life because I like everyday life blog posts so I present to you what I like.  

6:33 Wake Up.  I ran yesterday afternoon and thus showered so didn't need to shower this morning, earning me another press of the snooze button. I think people's snooze habits says a lot about them.   I always snooze once and sometimes one more.

I leave promptly at 7:20 but enjoy having time to drink coffee, pray morning prayer and not rush.  I used butts of breads I have been putting in the freezer and made crockpot French toast overnight, so breakfast is served. 

 Our cleaning ladies were coming on this particular day so my dad and I finished tidying up.  Honestly, sometimes the forced tidying has more of an impact than the ladies' sweeping, dusting and scrubbing have.  Therefore, double win for half the work.  

7:20 I leave for work.  I have to leave by 7:20 otherwise traffic picks up just enough that it takes longer than the 35 minutes.

7:55 I arrive at work.  Obviously I am kindof important in the get to work and school sequence.  It is raining so the mom takes the girl to the bus stop rather than us walking.  

I feed the baby.  He puts up a fight.  He is starting to refuse the baby food.  Personally I am a fan of baby led weaning so I can't say I blame him.  

9:00 We go for an hour walk a majority of mornings but this morning it is raining so the walk will have to wait.  He normally brings me our shoes as soon as I take him out of his chair, that his how much of a routine this is.  He must know it is raining because he is perfectly content playing.  He LOVES reading books so I read many a books multiple times.  

10:45 Down for a nap.  Normally I turn on ABC family, pause it and read for about a half hour and then watch Gilmore Girls.  Today I had the unfortunate pleasure of call the PA State Board of Nursing and told may get my license in time but is guaranteed by three days past my start day.  Call the hospital and find out that won't do even though the first two days are orientation. Begin to storm heaven and realize this is that intention St.  Therese has been having me pray for but can't put to words.  Trust that I will get it in time but still have that worry.  After that hoopla, no reading just Gilmore Girls. 

1:15 Babe wakes up but screaming so we cuddle and watch some Royal Pains. I have learned if he wakes up happy he is ready to go, if he wakes up screaming he needs some cuddles.  

1:45 Lunch for the babe.  I feed him the food straight from the squeezy containers and it seems to work.  Whatever makes you happy babe. 

2:00 Back to playing 

3:00 Let's go outside and play a bit

3:15 Big sis gets off the big yellow school bus at the bus stop.  Walk back to the house and the babe gets a bottle.  

The next hour is a whirl of big bro gets dropped off, big sis' friend comes to play, empty dishwasher and more playing.  

4:30 Their mom gets home and I head out.  

I stop at Gabriel Brother's to look for scrubs, no such luck.  

5:15 Arrive home.  Dad just put Greek chicken and rice in the oven.  My mom is still laid out on the couch most days so the days are filled with Grey's Anatomy marathons.  I am not complaining 

6:00 Yum, yum dinner 

I pretty much spend the rest of the night watching Grey's Anatomy with my mom and head to bed about 10:45.  I read for a bit and pray the St. Therese novena.  Like most days, I am exhausted and quickly turn off the nights and go to sleep.

Well there you go that is a pretty typical #nannylife day in the life.  I am really going to miss working for this family, I have spent countless hours with them over the past two years and the babe and I have really become buds. 


  1. Awesome! I love posts like this as well, it sounds absolutely wonderful and I am a huge fan of Grey's! :)

  2. Oh I loved reading this! I'm really gonna miss the family I babysit for when I head off to college next Fall. :(

  3. This sounds awesome! Can't wait to read along as you start your new job :-)

  4. I second the request for a day-in-the-life post once you start your new job!

  5. Love it. :) It sounds like you have a great bond with this fam. And I can't wait to see how different your day in the life posts change once that new job starts! :)

    Also on my DITL, I completely forgot to include my coffee consumption in the morning. Next time, I'll be sure to include that. ;)