Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday Fasting for Babes

The bishop of the Diocese of Steubenville has long asked the people of the diocese to fast on Fridays for the intention of life of the born.  Attending Franciscan it wasn't terribly difficult, there were always few meat options on Friday reminding you of the fast and giving you many meat free options.  However, now that I have graduated and moved away it is very hard to remember and honestly I rarely do.

As the anniversary of Roe v. Wade comes  to an end and another year has passed where it is legal to kill the unborn I am reminded once again just how important it is to pray and fast that this injustice is brought to a screeching halt.  

Therefore I am publically declaring a recommitment to fasting on Fridays for the intention of the unborn, not to proclaim it in the synagogues but to invite  others to join me and to remind and hold each other accountable.  

Who is with me?!  Let's join the army  fighting for life in a very concrete tangible way. 

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  1. I took up the fasting on Fridays thing a little over a year ago much more seriously. I hadn't thought about a particular intention, just a do this because sort of thing. Adding the unborn to my intention as I eat my meat free salad for lunch! I'm with you!