Sunday, January 4, 2015

12 in 2014

It is hard to sum up a whole big year of adventures in just 12 pictures.  I love pictures, they capture a moment of joy, excitement and contentment.  They hold that moment forever.  Here are 12 of my moments and memories from this past year.

1.  My little goddaughter is the apple of my eye and brings me unbelievable joy when I am with her and unbelievable heartache when I am away.

2.  What better way to celebrate senior year spring break than a quick 3 day road trip to Florida.  After a the polar vortex some sun, sand and waves was just what was needed.  Made even sweeter when I got to meet Jen.

3.  Household inductions.  Some of my favorite people even in household all in one place and all my sisters!  That woman with the baby, I started going over her house a few weeks after starting at Franciscan and by the end she was my sister, a close friend, and a beautiful example to me of a Catholic wife and mother. 

4.  After four years of nursing school I finally had on the cap and gown!

5.  My parents are adorable.  Here they are at a Knights of Columbus ceremony.  What a blessing parish life is. 

6.  Homemade mojitos in New York City with friends on a summer night.  Life doesn't get much sweeter than that.

7.  These boys.  Real life is riding bikes and walking beyond your brother with a mohawk and cowboy boots saying "You're doing awesome."  So glad I captured this moment. 

8.  I loved my summer nanny job.  This little boy and I became best buds.  Oh how I miss our daily walks, after nap snuggles, and hours of play. 

9.  You know coffee had to make it in to this post somehow ;).  This is actually a picture from visiting one of my best friends who now lives in Hershey with another one of my best friends.  These trips always involve great fellowship, long strolls and of course some chocolate.  

10.  My excitement overflowed when I found out I got my first nursing job and in OB!  I was so thankful for all the people who were excited with me.  

11.  Another trip to New York City.  No other place I would rather spend a three day weekend. 

12.  This year I got to witness one of my oldest friends become a wife.  What an incredible blessing. 

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  1. Sounds like 2014 was a grace-filled and blessed year! Family, friends, coffee, open doors .... life doesn't get much better than that!