Sunday, September 29, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 30)

I think my WIWS posts might become farther and farther inbetween.  Not that I don't love to participate and see what everyone else has on but I just don't want to show you crappy Iphone photos taken in less than great lighting. Welcome to dorm living.  But this week I will show you what I wore Sunday. 

I have worn this skirt before here and I said that I didn't know what to pair it with and you guys gave me so many helpful hints. So what do you think about this?

The details:
Top: Chambry from Old Navy (I swear it is less wrinkly in person than it is perceived in the picture.)
Skirt:  TJ Maxx/Marshalls
Shoes:  The $19.99 nude heels from Payless

So I often use one of my household sister's curling wand but she had a moment this week, just like the youtube video, and a piece of her hair burned off.  Apparently the whole wing smelled.  So instead I used a combination of someone else's larger wand and my roommates curling iron.  Needless to say I ordered a wand for myself from Target this morning.  

So you want to know the really exciting news?  I am going to have my Make-Up Link-Up up tomorrow Monday September 30 and will keep it up until October 9th so that you have two weeks to post about your make up routine.  If you want to post but can't during that time let me know and I will be more than happy to keep it up longer.  I hope as many people join as possible so that we can all get make-up tips.  Promote it in your Five Favorites, on your gram and with your 7 Quick Takes!!


  1. I love that skirt and shirt together! So fun!

  2. SO CUTE! I love the lace/patterned skirt and chambray together, especially the polka dots! Is this top a recent Old Navy find? I love that the buttons don't go all the way down.

  3. The make up link-up! I've been waiting for this! Hooray!

  4. Ahhhh the cinderblock walls! Memories :)

    I love the shirt with the skirt - perfect pattern-mixing!