Monday, September 9, 2013


I was super excited when Jen tagged me for a informal Question and Answer thingie.  Why not inform you readers about random things about me so here we go.

The first section is 11 random facts about me. 

  1. I haven't drunken a glass of milk in probably at least 8 years.
  2. If I could magically be good at any sport it would be swimming. 
  3. My favorite non alcoholic drink to order at a restaurant is soda water.  
  4. I went to three weddings three weekends in a  row this summer. 
  5. I have "had" three cars in the past 7 years-a green Lumina, a red Saturn (that is now my brother's car) and I currently drive a baby blue CRV.
  6. My middle name is Marie and my confirmation name is Angela. 
  7. I have had 10 roommates in the past four years including half a semester living alone.  
  8. I don't like eating raw peppers and cucumbers give me super bad indigestion.
  9. If I could choose one chore to never have to do again it would be pumping gas.
  10. I am really self conscious about my genetically pudgy upper arms. 
  11. I really really don't like caring for patients that are on ventilators.  
Next up is questions that Jen asked.
  1. If you could go to ANY country RIGHT NOW, where would you go?  So I really haven't talked about this yet on the bloggity but I am dreaming about hiking the Camino in Spain next summer.  Dreaming and determined to make it a reality.  If I could be in any country right now I would be in Spain hiking the camino for a month. 
  2. Are you a toilet paper up or down kinda person?  Defiantly down. 
  3. Fave Catholic speaker?  Hmm this is one is hard.  I have speakers like Scott Hahn and Chris Padgett as professors so that has completely changed my perspective of them.  I think I would have to say Mark Hart, the Bible Geek.  He is incredibly engaging, passionate for truth, and always has some good stories to intertwine in his talks. 
  4. Do you like Facebook or Twitter better?  Don't have a Twitter and love me some Facebook. 
  5. What is one or two pieces of jewelry you wear everyday?  My rings and my earrings....and my scapular.  Everyday I wear my scapular.  I also wear my claudaugh ring and purity ring.  In addition I always at least wear my diamonds in my second ear and normally my pearl studs but sometimes I get fancy and wear earrings instead of my pearls. 
  6. Describe your perfect sandwich.  It would have to include a toasted pretzel bun.  It would also be awesome if it had turkey, a strong cheese, onions, spinach and some sort of dressing. 
  7. Would you rather drive, fly or take a train somewhere? The train takes me back to when I spent a semester abroad in Austria but flying reminds me of my two trips to Haiti so it is hard to decide.  Defiantly not driving, I actually really don't like driving at all.  
  8. Beach or snow?  Beach, however I am a midwest girl who loves her some seasons but if I had to choose it would be beach.
  9. Fave thing about your home?  I am going to go with my parent's home that I lived in my whole life.  I love where it is located, we leave in this awesome area that is right on the cusp of straight up country (read Amish, corn fields, miles between houses)  and mediocre country (read a few acres but more land than a typical suburb).  I love that I am only ever a half hour away from a Target but minutes from Amish fresh baked goods and produce. 
  10. What do you think about tattoos? Would you get one?  I really don't like tattoos. I agree with my parents on this one when they say "tattoos are a permanent reminder of a temporary emotion."  I just don't like how tattoos look and I always hate when girls are dressed all nicely, even in their wedding dress, and they have this huge butterfly on their shoulder, or words down their arm or flower on their ankle.  So I think my answer is no I would not get one. 
  11. If you were going to go out with your girlfriends... what would you want to do?  Dinner? Drinks? Dancing?  Drinks but really ideally dinner and drinks.  Their is just something so fun about drinks with the girls. 
Next up is the questions I am asking those who I tag.  Excpet I am kind-of cheating and not tagging anyone in particular but anyone who wants to do it however I really hope Maggie does it. 
  1. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
  2. Comb or brush?
  3. Favorite memory of childhood?
  4. What was you summer job in high school and college?
  5. Fruit cold or room temperature?
  6. Do you put lotion on everyday?
  7. Current guilty pleasure TV show?
  8. Coffee or tea?
  9. At this exact moment what are you wearing?
  10. Do you like to be toasty or chilly when sleeping?
  11. What kind of car do you currently drive?

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  1. YAY!!

    So awesome you are thinking about hiking the Camino! I have thought about it a bit myself. It would be an amazing experience.

    SO jealous that you basically can talk to Scott Hahn whenever you want! (I am sure that's not actually true, but you have a way better chance than me!)

    You should join Twitter. For realz.

    If I am ever in town... dinner and drinks it is! :)