Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NAS: Fave Momma Blogs

Oh my goodness have I not blogged for over a week!?!

I have been pretty absent from the Not Alone Series these past few weeks.  I have been trying to adjust to life back at school and to be honest, I didn't really have anything interesting or unique to say about the topics.  But comment on my favorite mom blogs and feel slightly creepy, oh I am all in.

Mom blogs can be hilarious, a great source of inspiration, and have great recipes and homemaking tips that I just can't pass up.  However, I am careful to not spend too much time reading too many of these blogs because too often it can make me long for that life rather than fully living in my current single state of life.    But don't get me wrong, I have me some fave momma blogs.

Everyone loves her, Grace @ Camp Patton.  I have a particular foundness since her alma mater is my current place of learning, just sayin'.  Sometimes when I read some of her posts I am literally left laughing out loud.

Another favorite is Mary @ Passionate Perseverance.  She has daughter my age with special needs.  Reading her blog reminds me that life doesn't always go as planned but there is always grace and blessings to be found.

On our Christian radio station in Cleveland, one of the morning talk show hosts in a beautiful mother of four boys and adopted girl from Poland (side note: The girl and I look so similar, I am guessing it is because we are both 100% polish) (side side note:  They are a classic story of struggling with secondary infertility, decide to adopt, get pregnant during process.)  She is Catholic and is gifted at integrating just enough of her Catholic beliefs into a Christian radio station without sounding holier than thou or pushing her beliefs on others.  She doesn't blog often but when she does it is a gem.  I nearly freaked out one day when she liked one of my instagram posts.  Brooke Taylor blogs @The Sacred Sink.

Once a Franny, always a Franny.  I think that is why I like Colleen so much.  Her and her husband went to and met at Franciscan and I love when she unintentionally gives advice about life after Franciscan.  Even more exciting, they are expecting another baby!  Colleen blogs @Martin Family Moments.

Ok one more- Sarah @Amongst Lovely Things.  She fills her blog with stunning pictures, recently had twin boys, is a homeschooler who keeps her cool, and lives life trusting in the Lord.   Any other reasons to go over and  fall in love with her blog?

Five.  That is a good number round number.  Get excited, I plan on contributing to the next 5 topics in the Not Alone Series.  

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  1. I currently read three of your top five. Off to check out Sarah and Brooke. I'm always looking for new and interesting blogs!