Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites: Back to School

I moved back to school a little over a week ago and it is no secret that I attend Franciscan University of Steubenville (you just can't keep something like that a secret!).  What better way to celebrate another Wednesday than sharing with the bloggity world five favorites about being back at school. 


When Franciscan first became what we call today passionately Catholic all sports were cut (You can read more about this change in Fr. Mike's book).  Since, they have reintroduced sports back into the University but this time with the idea that we play for an audience of one and also evangelization.  One way that we accomplish this is that after every game, win or lose, the caption of our team goes over to the other team and asks them to pray.  From talking to captions, the look of shock on the other team is sometimes priceless.  The teams circle up, kneel and pray.  What a powerful witness to the fact that there still are young adults that live passionate faith.  This is just another example why I am so thankful that my money and time is invested in this University.


My roommate and I created a mega bed in our room.  You know, our two beds pushed together in the middle of the room. We love it.  I realized just how much I liked it when I was sitting on my bed one afternoon on my computer and gradually three of my sisters came in and before you knew it all four of us were side by side talking and growing in our sisterhood.  This is why I am so glad that I am back into the dorms, there is no replacement for sisterhood.


I love having people to go running with right down the hall from me.  Sometimes we even accidentally color coordinate.  While I love having the people to run with. the Steubenville hills are no so much my favorite. 

Even though I don't take advantage of it near as often as I ought, how could it not be my favorite that each dorm has a chapel in it with the Blessed Sacrament always present. When I go to bed I often think of Jesus in this building just a couple of floors down.  Even more blessed, I can walk no more than 5 minutes and the Eucharist is exposed in Perpetual Adoration in the Portiuncula.  If we really truly really believed wouldn't we live our life so differently?


Another favorite-being back home.  This is my fifth year coming to Franciscan University.  This is my home and it feels so good to be back in a place where I love being.  And I know just how blessed I am to be here for another year.

I hope I took some Franciscan alumns down memory lane or at least made college graduates reminiscent of their college days.  Can't wait to check out some other favorites.
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  1. yep definitely made me nostalgic! <3

  2. Natalie, I love your blog name and design. I'm so happy to meet Marian singles because I wish I discoverd Our Lady earlier than I did.