Friday, May 17, 2013

7QT (Vol.14)

--- 1 ---

I am a big Dugger fan and am so excited to see Jess, one of the older girls, becoming a midwife.  It is awesome to watch her be a midwifery student.

--- 2 ---

Speaking of the Duggers, if you haven't read their first  or second book, I highly recommend them both to you.  This family is either truly that authentic or really good liars.  When I read their books I was often moved to tears at how genuine their love was for each.  I highly encourage you to read it if you want to be inspired.

--- 3 ---

7 Quick Takes is all about random thoughts right?  Today was drive your tractor to school day at the local high school and what a sight it was to be at the post office as school let out and all those tractors and four wheelers pulled out.

--- 4 ---

I have been loving all the reading time I have had.  Suggestions welcome.

--- 5 ---

If you haven't already read here, check it out, but the clean eating is going really well.  I would be lying if I didn't say I have cheated twice but otherwise staying on track.

--- 6 ---

In case you weren't sure if I was a typical college student.  That is graduation on the laptop screen and a bottle of Smirnoff. 

--- 7 ---

Teaching a 2 year old how to say "how you doin'" in imitation of Joey from Friends=great idea. 

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