Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Haiti 2013: Part 2

Read Part 1 for our trip down and first day in Haiti.

The main mission of the trip is to love on the kids.  The orphanage was started on the principle that it was a home and not an institution.  The kids thrive on this love.  The kids go to school during the day so while they were at school we were able to do other work projects.

On the first two mornings we moved rocks.  Sounds glamorous right?  In reality it was an incredible blessing.  The mission has begun on their next project  building a clinic for the area.  The rocks we collected from a dried up river bed will be transported to the property and used as a foundation for the building.  How awesome it was to play a concrete part in the beginning of this new project.

Crossing the river to get to the site of our rock piling 

Day 1 of rock piling.  
Coconut breaks were a must.

What we thought we looked like. 

What it probably looked more like. 

The group

More posts to come....

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