Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 11)

--- 1 ---

If you haven't been around this corner of the blog for a while then you might not know that I just got back from a mission trip to Haiti.  In that case go back and read the past 7 posts about it.

--- 2 ---

You don't have time to read 7 posts?  That's fine than you should at least read the first three parts about my trip here, here, and here.

--- 3 ---

Due to my trip to Haiti in which there is internet but not good enough to watch streaming video, I am just now finally watching some videos from the coverage of the conclave and election of Pope Francis I because I don't want to completely miss out on this history that just occured.  I would be lying if I didn't say I am kind of bummed that I missed out on the constant EWTN coverage but I can't complain too much considering I was doing the Lord's work on a Caribbean island.

--- 4 ---

Since everyone else got their time to scream out "Habemus Papam" on their blog I want to take my moment to say how excited I am about Pope Francis.  I don't think we even knows what is going to hit us.  Our Church and our world is about to be rocked by Pope who preaches the Truth with passion and charity.  I also love how much you can already see how the past two popes and Pope Francis have built on each other.  It is almost as if there is some Divine providence involved in it :)

--- 5 ---

The way secular media has covered Pope Benedict stepping down, the conclave, and the new Pope  really saddens me about the secular world.   As I read articles before my trip and sat at airport gates watching the news, my heart wept.  The world can't understand something that is led by the Holy Spirit and isn't about power or control.  Americans think that we need a Pope that will "catch up with the times" and just can't comprehend the fact that the Church is, always has, and always will preach the Truth that hasn't and will never change.  No matter how many people disagree with the it, the Church will always stand by the dignity of sexuality, the sanctity of life and the honoring of women.  This whole thing has reminded me how much we need to pray for our Church, our culture, and our world.  

--- 6 ---

One of my best friends from high school is coming to visit this weekend and I am sups excited.  We always talk about seeing each other during the school year but with both of us having busy nursing student schedules it just never really happens.  Since this is her last semester we decided to make sure it happened.

--- 7 ---

I still have more posts planned about my trip to Haiti so please subscribe and come to see more of God's goodness. 

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