Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 1)

If you have been around this blog before you know that I love me a linky.  When I stumbled around to Hallie's linky for her Five Favorites joining was a must.

So I present to you, my top five favorites, any of which could change at any point.


I am loving this nail polish I found on the clearance end cap at Target.  Not only do I love the color but it has stayed on for 4 days, including two clinical days with lots of hand washing, with minimal sign of wear.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a win-win. 

Snow.  I know you would think that with spring inching around the corner I would be sick of the white stuff but actually I kind of fancy when it snows lots in winter. Especially this winter when it hasn't been a whole lot of inconveniencing snow but pretty dusting, mild accumulation snow.  

This may seem weird but another current favorite I have is socks.  The above mentioned snow requires boots and thus socks.  I haven't had a winter in a long time that I wore so many socks and boots and so little Toms and  flats.  I had almost forgot how great socks are. 
Coffee and Tea.  This is in no way a new favorite but more such a a constant fav that it deserves to be mentioned all the time. 

So speaking of tea, have you tried this kind?

I think it is the cat's meow, or maybe that is the catnip in it that is making me say that.  Yes catnip is one of the ingredients and I am not sure how I feel about that but I do know it is mighty delicious. 


I really liked the book I just finished and blogged about HERE.  Go check it out.

Well there you go, five current favorites.  Interested to see what other people are faving. 


  1. I'm rocking that nail polish right now too! I got mine on clearance for $3.48-guess I should have held out longer!

  2. Isn't Revlon polish the best? I'm always tempted to try out the more expensive stuff, but Revlon wipes the floor with them all. :)

  3. We're finally getting a big snow here and I'm loving it.
    That polish is awesome- that's pretty good stuff if it's stayed on through clinicals.

  4. I'm really impressed by the wear of the nail polish! It's so frustrating when it chips a day or two after you take the time to paint your nails and let them dry!

  5. I love gray nail polish! My favorite! And I've heard such great things about My Sisters the Saints - a coworker of mine bought it at a conference last Friday and I'm going to borrow it from her when she finishes!

  6. It's good to hear a personal opinion about My Sisters the Saints. I've been dying to read it, but my pile is SO HIGH already...

    I haven't tried this kind of tea, but now it's on my list, too!

    It's nice to hear about someone that likes socks almost as much as I do. I knit almost all my own and also ones for my daughter, who is almost as old as you! (She's a junior at Saint Mary's/Notre Dame.)

    Fun blog! I'll be back.