Sunday, September 23, 2012

What I Wore Today

So I love other bloggers posts about what they are wearing so I thought I would periodically post a series of photos of what I have been wearing even though it feels incredibly awkward and vain to take so many pictures of myself.

Summer Sunday---Mass and visit with Grandma

Now tell me honestly, does this outfit fit my age?

Saturday---Lazing around in the house doing homework, Lord's Day and Gilmore Girls Party

You already saw this outfit once with the new necklace post but I thought I would show it again so that you could see the whole outift.

Ignore the wet hair and nerdy pose. The jeans are the best part of this outfit. A friend didn't like them anymore and gave them to me. Score!!

Sunday---Mass, hanging out, and Angel commitment

I don't normally do mirror shots but my roommates were gone and I wanted to get a picture of the outfit for this post.

I had white wedges on for Mass and have been wearing my brown Birkenstocks throughout the rest of the day.

Saturday---Thrifting and such

The dress is my roommates, one of the best parts about college living!


Live Joy.

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