Saturday, September 22, 2012


So in line with this whole autumn pinterest board, I have also ensured that our house has a little fall-i-fying. I didn't go crazy, that will come at Christmas, and even then I have to save some for real-life-family-mortage-home decorating.

Really once this post is done you will be like why did I even bother mentioning it because it really is only a few things but a few little things really change the atmosphere of the whole place.

I already had some fall looking flowers from home so I just put those in a pretty glass next to our gold lamp and my beloved Belgium Madonna and Child Jesus.

Next took a little creativity and alot of indecision. I literally went back and forth in Wal Mart from the glass bowls, to the candles, to the beans and back to the candles. In the end I am very happy with the end result and love how it makes the house smell so delicious. The whole thing is a combo of a square glass bowl, dried chick peas, and a mulled cider candle.

I also had some stuffed scrawcrow-ish dolls that we hung up on our "gallery wall". So what else could I do after fall-i-fying the house but sit down with a Our Lady of Guadaloupe mug full of cranberry apple tea and just take in fall with friends.

Live Joy.

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