Monday, September 17, 2012


Dont' you just hate when you find something on the internet and you just convince yourself that you really really want it. A horribly wonderful reality.

So I lost my miraculous medal a weekish ago and it took me a while to find it. During that time without, I began the search for a new one, just in case. While perusing etsy I came across this beauty that I just had to have. Well long story short I ended up finding my miraculous medal necklace but still really wanted the necklace so I splurged.

Wasn't I delighted when it quickly came, I opened the envelope and this pretty little thing was in.

With the ribbon off.

The beautiful necklace itself.

There are six charms on it. Three charms that individually say "faith", "hope", and "love", an angel wing charm, a crucifix with three pearlish beads, and a St. Michael charm. I chose the St. Michael charm and it could be interchanged with a whole list of saint and angel charms she offers.

I am enjoying the outfit possibilities with this new necklace and have already worn it once. Ignore the silly face and awkward pose.

I encourage you to check this lady's shop out and consider buying your own charm necklace.

Live Joy.

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  1. i love that necklace! and yes, I am perusing your posts right now haha