Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make-Up Link Up

Now that I have my two quizess, 5 clinicals in 10 days, careplan, and seminar behind me I am so excited to participate in this link up.

Now that the calendar says it is supposed to be fall, even if the weather doesn't reflect it, I am excited for the Make-Up link up.

During the school year I more often do than not wear makeup.  I start with a foundation.  I hope to get a primer soon too but for now just a foundation.

I really like the Arbonne foundation.  If I am going to have something sitting on my face all day I want it to be something good that isn't filled with harmful ingredients.  I still however have some Clinique so I am finishing that off.

Next off is my bronzer.  I don't wear this all year only in winter when I don't have a natural tan left over from summer.  I have tried alot of bronzers and this is the only one I like that isn't too much but does give you some color.  It is also Arbonne.

Next up, mascara.  I heat up my eyelash curler with a blow dryer, curl my lashes, and put on my mascara.  This mascara is!  I have for a long time been looking for a mascara that is more natural, because it is going right next to my eye, and actually stays on.  I tried this Arbonne "Its a Long Story" mascara and it fits the bill and so much more.  So often I find myself catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking "wow my eyelashes are really long."  I won't spend more money on something that isn't worth more money oh but this stuff is worth it.  Have you noticed that I really like Arbonne products?

Next up, eyeshadows. So this past spring I bought my first every eyeshadow primer and I was forever converted.  Eyeshadows never used to stay on more than a few hours until I started using the primer.  Now I have to purposefully take off my eyeshadow at night.  I have never tried anything else but I like this Urban Decay primer that I picked up at Sephora with a gift card. The first eyeshadow that I regularly use and have on at the moment is this gold Sonia Kasuk eyeshadow quad (from Target).  Depending on my mood and the day I use the colors for base, highlighting or whatever the proper eyeshadow terminology is. In addition, I have been a long user of the Almay eyeshadows that you buy according to your eye color (hazel!). The one on the left is for night and the right for day but to be honest I nearly never use the night grey eyeshadow.  However I do use the one on the right nearly everyday for a basic subtle look. 

I also have some random eyeshadows in search of ones I actually like.  None of these are anything good and I rarely use. 

So what make-up do you wear on a daily basis?  Be sure to link up here so that we can see!

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