Friday, October 11, 2013

7QT (Vol.20)


There is nothing like communicable diseases to get your Monday started.

I extened the make-up link up for another week so that people have more time to participate.  Hop on over and link-up about the make up you wear on a daily basis.

On Wednesday I wrote a post about The Harmonium Project and Audrey Assad playing here in Steubenville.  Ahh I cannot say enough good stuff about it!!

Don't you hate when you write 7 Quick Takes in advance and do not remember what you were going to write here.

On Monday a friend and I threw a surprise going away party for another friend who had to withdraw from school for medical reasons.  The theme- fall mixed with hipster.  Read as pumpkin flavored everything, leaves strewn about, hot apple cider, PBR and all of us girls dressing like hipsters.  She was completely humbled that so many people wanted to be there for her.  Now I want to do a fall party every year but hopefully not combined with a going away party ever again.  

Thursday was the Inauguration of the new president of the Univeristy, Fr. Sean Sheridan.  Going to the ceremony was exciting when you think that this is only the 6 president in the Univeristy's history and only the third, including Fr. Mike Scanlen, since the school became passionately Catholic.  And being president of this school is special.  It isn't just any school.  It is a Univeristy on the world radar (seriously the pope knows exactly who Franciscan Univeristy is just ask the bishop of Steubenville about meeting the Pope when he became the bishop of Steubenville) for trailblazing what it means to be a passionately Catholic Univeristy in the 21st century.  This Univeristy doesn't just turn out educated men and women, individuals leave here on the path to sainthood.  Fr. Sean reminded us of the importance this university places on adherence to the teaching of the Magesterium with a variety of departments and boards, importantly the department of Theology,  all taking oaths that they will never teach anything contradictory to the teachings of the Church.  After Fr. Sean officially became the president with the seal being placed around his neck and the crowd applauding he turned and lifted his hands to the San Damiano cross.  Yes, Lord thank you for constantly blessing this University.

I am running The Color Run here in Pittsburgh tomorrow.  I have been planning on doing this since July so I am just a bit excited. It has been a little stressful these last few days due to people adding and dropping from our team but it will all be good on Saturday when we are actually there and just enjoying the fun of it all.  I will be sure to post pictures here and to the 'gram (so if you aren't already instagram friends with me you should be!).  Now I have to go make the T-shirts for our race-Hebrews 12:1.

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  1. Thanks for extending the makeup linkup (ha!)... I want to participate, but I have had no time to do anything with my Goddaughter's birthday being today! :) Gotta have the best party, ya know!? I really want to write a little something up for it (the linkup), so WAIT FOR ME!! ;)

    I always think of my 7QTs before... and never write them down, so therefore I don't remember them when it comes to actually write. It's a wee bit frustrating, huh??

    GOOD LUCK AND HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT THE COLOR RUN!!!! I can't wait to hear (read) all about it!!

  2. Have fun at the Color Run! I ran it in the Spring and it was a blast!

  3. It is wonderful to go to a university that stands for something special and really believes it. My alma mater, Mississippi University for Women, stood for the advancement of women when I was there and that mission made it a really special place. When ever I read about Stubenville, I feel that you all have that same sense of "us" that we did.