Monday, August 20, 2012

The 10 Virtues of Mary

If we are trying to live in imitation of Our Blessed Mother I argue that it is important to have the virtues attributed to her displayed in our living space/home/dormroom, so why not do it in a pretty way?

I searched the internet and pinterest for inspiration for this project but really didn't find anything so I had to ignite my creative side and come up with an idea on my own. Now I admit, I am continuing to ponder a great way to display the virtues on canvas, maybe with stenciling or just pretty lettering. However, the way I created this piece of "art" was so darn easy and I think it produces a really nifty result.

How to: (Now I didn't take any pictures of the process because honestly it was that easy!)

Materials Needed:

-8x10 frame of your choice (really any frame size you would just need to adjust the paper accordingly)

-piece of paper of your choice

-some program to make a document with the virtues listed, preferably one with amble font options

The frame I chose was just a simple wooden frame I picked up at a garadge sale for something like .50 and painted and then distressed a little with sandpaper.

You could use any frame you have lying around, buy one you like or repaint one like I did-the possibilities are endless.

Then go into Word (or a similiar program) and list out the 10 Virtues of Mary (by St, Louis de Monfort, a quick google search will give you an accurate list).

Lets see can you come up with half of them without looking?

Ardent Charity

Heroic Patience

Lively Faith

Surpassing Purity

Angelic Sweetness

Profound Humility

Continual Mental Prayer

Divine Wisdom

Universal Mortification

Blind Obedience

Then play with fonts and make each virtue a different font. Rearrange the order, change the size, go back and forth between fonts just get creative and make something that visually appeals to you.

Once that is done print it on paper that compliments the frame. It could be just plain old white paper, card stock, interview paper, patterned paper, scrapbook paper whatever your heart desires.

Put the paper in the frame and admire the piece of "art" you created. Display it and look to it often. One piece of advice I have that has greatly enriched my prayer life is to pick a virtue on any given day and come back to it throughout the day in prayer or thought. It is such a simple way to grow in her virtues without being overwhelmed by the holiness of all of them.

I also give you a link to a great article about the virtues and what they all mean. (Because admit it, you aren't exactly sure what mortification even means)

P.S. Soon I will post pictures of it in my new house!!

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  1. That is truly a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing and for linking up, Natalie!