Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinning it Down #1

I along with every other middle class female (yes there are some men) am a fond user to Pinterest. I don't have a need to check it every day or even every couple days. For me it is more like a "I have 20 minutes and I just want to veg so I am going to go on pinterest" However with these veg times I have found a lot of great ideas, recipes, crafts, etc.

So I introduce to you the first spotlight on things I have pinned and actually carried out.

Here is the inspiration for the project

And here is what mine looks like

Now it is clear I didn't follow what she did exactly, ie I didn't sandpaper the edges nor stain it. I don't love how it turned out but I did like it. Considering the project probably cost something around $5 it was a good effort and will look nice in my house for this upcoming school year. And of course it is awesome that when someone goes "O I like this. Where did you get it?" I can respond with, "Actually I made it!"

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