Friday, August 31, 2012

Ikea Haul

This past Monday was a big day for me. It was my first trip to Ikea. Now if anyone knows me and has been to Ikea they know that they must have had me in mind when they created Ikea.

My two roommates and I made the trip to Ikea in Robinson to look for a few things we wanted for our house. We found everything we wanted and even a few things we didn't know we needed.

We needed a some sort of cart/shelves to hold our microwave and small appliances. One of my roommates bought this and it was about $60.

I bought this coffee table. I think it is really nice and will probably find it useful for a while. It was only $19.99.

I was going to clean it off, but some junk on it is a little more realistic of day to day life.

We got two "ledge shelves" for the living room. Hopefully they will stay on the wall with command strips. These were $11.99 each and after price comparing were cheaper than Target's similar wall shelves.

I got this tall slender container for cereal, snacks, or something like that. This was $3.99.

Finally, I bought this grill pan for $14.99. Confession-I have never used one of these but know I want to learn how to so for that price I was ready to learn.

Ikea was made even sweeter by the .50 cent hot dogs.

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