Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Breaking Radio Silence.

It is about time.

So we finally moved into our new place last weekend and can I just tell you how blessed we are.  If you follow me on the good 'ol gram you know I have been bombarding you with the sweetness of life.  We walk around this place and feel like we are in a vacation home.  The Lord is very good.

One of my best friends had her first baby this past weekend (it's a boy!) and contrasted to our move I realize just how good God is and He blesses us in whatever place of life we are.  Of course I would be happy married and beginning my own little family but right now that is not what the Lord is calling me too.  Instead, I am making my own independent decisions about where I live and with who.  While she is soaking in every little toe and newborn smell, I am sitting in my new kitchen with friends laughing and experimenting with cocktails.  Both are so good but we are not called to both at the same time.  So here I am living the life the Lord is calling me too now and supporting and celebrating with my friends who are living their own fiat.  I have said it before and I will say it again, say your yes, live the Lord's will for  your life now and you will live with joy.

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  1. Yay for a successful move!! Love your encouragement - live the life God has for you in the timing He has it - so good!
    P.S. what's your Instagram handle? :)

  2. I so needed to hear these words tonight, thank you! Excited to hear more about your move and new apartment :)

  3. I love this! In fact I wish people talked about that more! ie. doing what you are called to do!

  4. "Say your yes, live the Lord's will for your life now and you will live with joy." This is exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes I get so worried about when we will get pregnant that I forget what a blessing it is to have this time with just my hubby as a family of two. Thank you. Have a Blessed Easter!