Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NAS: Encouraging Men

We seem to always have something to say about guys treating us right! ...or, not right! But, what does that mean? Have you ever thought to share those insights so guys have a better idea on what to say/how to act? Well, let's do it! What are some good habits guys can take up when dealing with us ladies?

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Hmm well when I first read the title to this topic I thought it was about how to encourage men. Which if I may take the soap box for a moment and diverge from the actual topic, I have significant opinions.  We as women are sensitive and easily hurt or built up.  While men aren't women, they aren't rocks either.  We need to be sensitive to men's feelings and confidence.  If a guy ask you out if you don't have serious misgivings like safety or their is absolutely no way it will go to a second date, give the guy a chance and say yes.  Even if it doesn't work out between the two of you, the confidence he gets from you saying yes might give him the confidence to ask his wife out.

I am now stepping off my soapbox and to the actual topic at hand.  

So what must men do to treat us right?  How can we help them out a bit and let them into our head a little?

Above all, men must pursue.  Be the knight and fight for the princess.  Don't let us always text you first.  Message us on dating sites.  If we flirt with you at an event, be confident and ask us out on a date.  This is essential throughout an entire relationship but initiating the relationship sets the path for the rest of it.  Men, pursue and lead the relationship because alot of us ladies won't stand for anything else. 

That is above all the biggest thing, however if I were to throw in a few more bonuses--tell us we are beautiful, have a real raw devotion to your Heavenly Mother, be a gentleman and love what you do for a living.  But still, most importantly, be a man and pursue us.   

I am exciting to see what you ladies think is important!

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