Saturday, March 7, 2015

Single Guilt

So many people talk about wife guilt and way more commonly, mommy guilt but no one ever talks about single guilt.  However, knowing single gals and being one myself I find that single guilt is all too common.

So what is single guilt?  Single guilt is feeling like you are not doing the whole single gig right.  This guilt involves the feeling of if I only loved the Lord more and as I should then I wouldn't be single anymore or I would at least be happier during this single season of my life.  Single guilt also includes feeling guilty that you long for a spouse, seek to be married, and are often preoccupied in life and prayer dreaming about what life has a spouse and parent will be like.

Stop it.

Stop the guilt.

Yes, sometimes we can all be guilty of not trusting and following the Lord with our whole heart.  Sometimes we do spend time with our mind a little too preoccupied with dreams and wishes rather than the Lord's will.  However, I have found that alot of ladies are most often right where we are supposed to be.

Loving and trusting the Lord is a life long journey.  It isn't like we suddenly get to this point that we trust the Lord as we should.  Instead, it is an adventure that never ends. It is constantly surrendering our will and all the areas of our life more each day to the hands of the Lord.

In addition, it is a good and beautiful thing to wish, dream, and pray about a vocation as a wife and mother if that is in fact the vocation that the Lord is asking of you.  The seeking displays a longing for the things of the Lord.  It shows that you are preparing your heart and allowing the Lord to mold you. It points to a union with God in heaven.

So stop constantly beating yourself up when it isn't warranted.  Keep on the adventure of loving and trusting the Lord.  Long for the things of heaven and the journey and vocation it will take to get there.  Stop being so hard on yourself and recognize when you are right where the Lord wants you to be.    
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  1. Thank you for this well-written post. It's exactly what I needed to read today.

  2. Yes! Seeking, longing, and thirsting are a common theme in the Psalms, which express so many human emotions. The ultimate object of these feelings is God (but they can be applied to the things of Earth, too; God made it).