Sunday, April 12, 2015

Breath in and out.

Here I am lying in bed really needing to go to bed because I have this little thing called working to do for 12 hours the next two days but hey why not just stay awake another 15 minutes writing a blog post.  And I also know if I wait to sit down and spend time writing a blog a little thing called life gets in the way and that is a very good thing.  

This past weekend I got to visit one of my dearest friends and roommates from college.  I unintentionally had to drive myself but that is a story for not here.  I work a lot, to the tune of 6ish days and about 53 hours a week so when I do get to take a breath, a big deep breath do I take.  Taking a moment to enjoy the sweet things of life makes my soul come alive and this stunning Midwest spring weather we have had does nothing but help.  Although the long drive wasn't planned to be by myself, like long solo drives tend, it was a lot of time spent in conversation with our Lord.  He challenged my complacent soul and comforted me weary heart. It was much needed time.  

Why am I telling you this,  for no reason in particular.  Maybe so that if you only follow me on the blog you know I am still chugging along.  And if you only follow me on the blog then you are missing out on the continued #livingmyfiat on the ever over used by me ole 'gram.  But maybe I am reminding you, no matter what way you fill your days with stop and smell the flowers and spend time with the risen Lord.  

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