Saturday, October 25, 2014

72 days of #livingmyfiat

So I have been doing this little project-#livingmyfiat-for 30 days.  Have you been following along? So what have I learned from this?

"A high pony fixes everything"
This project wasn't supposed to be just some artsy pictures on my 'gram but also about purposely living life where The Lord has put me right now.

"Lategram of quiet mornings on the balcony"
First, of all I have realized that when I was home I pretty much spend all my time with kids.  In fact I don't think more than a day went by when I was not with kids.  I have also realized how little I am thinking and praying about my life being a living fiat.  I am quick just to go about my day taking one step after another.  However I hope and pray that even though I may not always be purposeful about it by being rooted in His word my life-actions and words-are in fact pleasing to Him.

"You have to praise the Lord for those mornings when you, the nanny, fundemental in the baby-hand-off-kid-on-the-bus-get-to-work scenario, are running late and so are they so it really doesn't matter."
Some of my posts of been simply daily life.

"Life, I am somewhere on this twist before that turn and I am exactly where I am supposed to be"
Others have been exciting announcements.

"Exciting announcement.  Yesterday I accepted a position as an OB nurse at Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh!  I am blessing beyond belief!"
And I have skipped a few days because I just didn't have anything to post but I haven't done half bad at keeping up with it.

"Cocoa Beanery breakfast before leaving Hershey"
In the end, all I want in life, not just my 24th year of life with this little project of mine, is to say each day "Here I am, the Handmaid of The Lord" and that when all my days are done I will get to heaven and the angels and saints will sing "Welcome, good and faithful servant, Alleluia."

"Calm in the middle of chaos."
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