Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NAS: Sex

Our culture is obsessed with sex. With anyone! At anytime! If you want to, just do it! But, the Church teaches that sex was created for the context of marriage. Why do you choose to abstain? Why aren't you going around having sex with just anyone? How would you encourage others to do the same? How do you remain strong when everything in our culture is encouraging you to abandon your convictions?

Of course I had to write about this topic.  Who doesn't want to attempt at gracefully writing about such a hot topic.  And the only reason I have a job is because people continue to have sex, just sayin'.

If you look around our culture truly is obsessed with sex.  And for pretty much the first time in my life I am being thrown into a group of people (i.e. most of my coworkers) who don't strive to save it for marriage.  You ask, do I really know?  Unfortunately, people are very open and like to tell large groups of people about their...um..encounters.  I hate having to hear about other peoples choices but that doesn't change my strong conviction that sex was made to occur in the sacrament of marriage.  Not only is that what God and our faith tells us but for a hundred other social, science and emotional reasons it makes sense-children out of wedlock, attachment hormones, STDs, messy break-ups, do you want me to continue?  

Sex reflects the love of the trinity.  That is no small thing.  When I have sex I want it to be with my husband and I want sex to be part of a loving, committed marriage that is welcoming to children-the natural result of sex.  

I don't have alot of experience being the black sheep, but I think I can encourage others saving sex for marriage simply by living my life.  Not talking about the sex I had with my boyfriend this weekend or about my one night stand where the condom broke is radical.  In the little I have learned, I have realized that sometimes other people have the same convictions and it doesn't take long for them to pick up on that.  And than in that mutual conviction you can be an encouragement.  In our current sex obsessed world, waiting for marriage can be alienating.  By realizing someone else is fighting the good fight with you there is comradery and encouragement. 

Well there you have it.  Wow, I can't believe a just sprayed on the internet that much about sex.  Did I handle the s-e-x convo with enough grace and flare? And if you are married, keep having that sex, I like having a job. 

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  1. Awesome flair :) And yes, sex does keep the world employed! :) I like that you are just living your life and it's true - others will come to you when they notice a, um, void in your conversations. Hooray for abstinence! ;)

  2. Hahaha... keep having that sex, I like having a job. Hilarious. This is what automatically went into my head "all about that sex, about that sex..." Ya know... from that popular song.

    It is hard and sometimes awkward to realize that you may be the ooooooonly one not having sex. People call you out on it and are rude and judgmental, too. But, as we all know, it's better this way. Think about how less stressful and drama free your life is?! :)

    Good post, dear!

  3. Well said! Isn't it weird we're "radical" for wanting to have sex in a "211loving, committed marriage"?

  4. Sorry, my cat leaned on the keyboard and typed those numbers! Ha! Just trying to underscore your point, I think.