Sunday, November 2, 2014

I did it again.

She said come surprise me.  I said I happen to have three days off in a row.  Before you knew it I was going to New York City for a weekend.

I was on the phone with one of my dearest friends and she reminded me that this past weekend was Franciscan's fall break so two friends were coming to NYC to visit.  I happened to have three days off in a row and she said I should see if I could come but to surprise her if I could.  Well as it turns out it worked out perfectly to take the overnight Megabus Thursday night and drive back with these friends on Sunday.

I called her when I got on the Megabus and asked if she could pick me up the next morning.  She was freaking out and so excited.  Of course the other people knew I was coming to make sure that someone could pick me up if for some reason she couldn't .

This weekend was exactly what I needed.  Most of the weekend we just hung out.  Went to Mass everyday, made dinner one night, had pizza the next, and walked around Central Park in the rain.  Otherwise we contemplated life and watched lots and lots of cat videos. And of course we had New York bagels every morning.

The classic Everything and cream cheese.  
Going crazy with bacon, egg and cheese on whole wheat everything.  
I needed that hanging out.  I needed to be with other Franciscan students and alumni.  I needed that guy friend time (I work with ALL women).

Genuine joy all around. 
The Lord always knows exactly when we need refreshment and encouragement.  When we need a pat on the back that says keep fighting the good fight.  I feel energized and renewed to keep pursuing the Lord passionately.  He is so good to me and never out done in generosity.

This wasn't the first time and I am confident it won't be the last time you hear about my NYC adventures.  Because as long as one of my best friends lives in that city I will continue to be intrigued by the crazy social experiment that is New York.
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