Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 12)

Today has been such a wonderful Sunday so far.  This morning my roommate and I went to Mass off campus (to change it up a bit) and then enjoyed breakfast at the favorite breakfast place around, Spanky's.

 She didn't like the idea of photographic evidence of her sugar addiction habit.

The toast is homemade bread and grilled.  Is your mouth salivating yet?

 It wasn't around for long.

The "cash only" and "time subject to change" sum up the mom and popness of the place.

We then made a stop at goodwill.  Stop back later this week for a haul post.

Now on to the outfit.  We had a photo shoot session once we got home.  This is not what my roommate wore to Mass, she had already changed.

This one of my roommate is my favorite!!!!

The Details:  All very old except for the scarf
Sweater: Basic Merona Cardigan from Target
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots:  from Vienna
Scarf:  my roommate's from Assisi

Now we are sitting here watching the best movie ever, The Sound of Music.

With the Sound of Music playing and adorned in European clothes I want to announce a blog series I am working on about my life in Austria.  I am doing this in big part because it is a great excuse to go back and look at pictures and reflect on what I was thinking then and how it has made me who I am today.  But I also want to share it with you.  Please come back for it, you won't be sorry!!  And to entice you, the following video is a good summary of all that Austria means to us Franciscan students.  Maybe I can even entice some other Franciscan grads to reflect on their time there.  Any takers?

Live joy.


  1. You two are so cute. Love your outfits! My son went to Stuebie for 3 semesters. We used to go to Spanky's when my hubby and I would come visit him. Good luck with your studies. It's a fabulous nursing program there. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Yeap I love the nursing program here!

  2. lOVE your outfits ..... aren't the projects dorms now?

    I wonder if we live(d) in the same one!!!!

    1. Yeap the projects are now student housing. I live in the first cul-da-sac when turning right if you can remember.

  3. You both look beautiful, Natalie! I love your scarf, your roomie's nautical stripes and her pop of it all. Hope you had a good weekend!