Monday, February 4, 2013

Marian Monday--Crushing the Head of the Satan

The Virgin Mary is a beautiful loving lady.  However in no way does this make her weak.  In fact Our Lady is strong, commonly depicted crushing the head of Satan.  She has spiritual strength and is a powerful intercessor.  Our Lady has power, in her femininity and as the mother of Christ, to fight the good fight against the evil one.  When we pray to Our Lady she intercedes for us, bringing our intentions to the Lord.  The Lord cannot deny His mother and listens to the intentions prevented before her.  We must as woman and as faithful look to Our Lady's strength and entrust our lives and needs into her hands.  

"We have taken Mary as our model of womanhood through her life of humility and purity.  At the same time, we turn to her as an example of spiritual strength and powerful intercession.  It is virtue of this that God has given her commission over the heavenly legions." -Regina Angelorum Covenant 

Live joy.

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  1. Thanks, as always, for participating! Our Lady is so suhweet! Praise God for her example!