Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol.8)

--- 1 ---

I think it is cliche to talk about weather, but really what is up with this weather.  Snow, rain, warm, cold, boots, flats.  You would think living in Ohio for 22 years would make me use to this but apparently not.

--- 2 ---

The sophmore nurses had their first clinical this week. Helping them with their care plans and seeing them dazed after having their first early morning clinical makes me remember how far I have come. Now I could probably do care plans with my eyes closed and 7am has become my sleeping in.

--- 3 ---

Speaking of nursing, today my professor went around the room and asked everyone what kind of nurse they wanted to be.  It made me so excited.  Everyone was scoping out their place and I can't wait to see all that everyone does.  Alot of oncology, a few traveling nurses, a handful of nurse practiciners, a missionary nurse, and a pediatrics or two.

--- 4 ---

There are a ton of visiting students today competing for a full ride scholarship for net year.  Noon Mass was packed and the Gospel (the beheading of John) led way for the priest to have part of his homily be about what extraordinary students come out of this university.  He said we can't focus on the darkness of society but on the light of Catholicism, the hope of Franciscan University, and the light that graduates of Franciscan are in the dark of the world.  This school almost didn't happen, it was nearly sold to become offices, but through the vision of Fr. Mike Scanlen it become a world known passionately Catholic university.  The priest noted, think of all the lives that would have never changed, the passionate youth ministers that would never be, the faithful nurses that wouldn't exist, the hearts that might never have come to know the Faith on a deeper level.  It made me excited all over again to be a part of this University.

--- 5 ---

If you made it to #5 you deserve some pictures.

 I set out on Thursday to finish an assignment for my New Testament scripture class.  Five hours and many many reference books later I came out victorious.  As a nursing major, this last class to finish my theology  minor is blowing me away.  I look at the bible in a whole new way.
--- 6 ---

My roommate and I have gotten in the habit of watching half of a movie in bed at night.  I am going to miss this so much when she graduates in May.  I suppose I am going to miss her too.

--- 7 ---

Ok shameless plug.  If you haven't already check out my Marian Monday post on Mary crushing the head of Satan, my first clinical in the psych unit or my Gospel reflection on Wednesday's Gospel.  While I am at, a shameful plug--subscribe on the right to come back for more!! 

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Live joy.

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