Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Angel Feastdays!

Today is the feast of the Guardian Angels and Saturday was the feast of the Archangels. Being that my household is affectionately called "The Angels" we had an Archangel party at our adviser's, or as we like to say Guardian Angel, house. In deciding what to contribute to the party I decided to scope out an angel themed item. I liked the idea of Devil's Food Cake with swords stuck in the top (to represent St. Michael defeating Satan), however, in fear of not being able to find small swords I decided instead to make these cookies.

While I was intimidated by the amount of steps required to make these cookies I decided to forge ahead with baking confidence and take a stab at them (get it haha still keeping the fighting theme). I was really afraid they wouldn't look any thing like angels wings but I turned out thoroughly surprised that they actually did look like angel wings.

Some photos of the process.

The cookies ready to go into the oven.

I got really festive and first put three "halos" on the platter to represent the three archangels, Sts. Rapheal, Gabriel, and Micheal.

The cookies all ready for the party, see they do look like wings (I will admit they only look like angel wings when you know they are supposed to be angel wings.)

And one photo of a few angels and cherubs.

So there you go. I hope you are enjoying these weeks full of feast days!

Live Joy.

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