Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Franciscan love.

We are too blessed. Yes part of why the sunset is so brilliant is because of the pollution and smog that reflect the light but this picture is a visual representation of the deep beauty that this campus contains.

This past Friday was the vocation fair, or formally, "Voacation Awareness Fair" meaning many different religious orders came to campus to promote their order. It can also be lovingly called Free Pen day, not that I use the day to get all my pens for the whole year :)

So at noon Mass there were about 25 priests who co-celebrated Mass for an array of religious brothers and sisters who were in attendance along with the typical student, faculty, staff, family, and visitor crowd. As I kneeled there praying, it hit me, as it does so often, just how blessed our school is.

We give hope to the older Church that their still are young people who love the Lord and live out a sacramental life in union with the Church. This school is beacon of hope in our world, a lighthouse to guide wayward souls back to the Truth. A school that is full of sinners who want to be saints. A campus full of men and women who are called to change the world.

How blessed we are to call this place home. How blessed we are that their are so many holy religious men and women who want to travel to Steubenville, just a small little town in the Valley, full of hope, promise, and faith.

Live joy.

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