Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. #3)

--- 1 ---

I had my first clinical yesterday on the L&D unit. I got to see one C-section early in the morning and unfortunately no one else delivered. I had some some hope in the morning because we have had other primip inductions deliver by the afternoon but when noon rolled around and everyone was 4cm or below I knew chances were fading quick. Next time...

--- 2 ---

I got to do my first catheter. It wasn't very smooth but you have to have a first time in order to have a better second time. So far, first shot-check, first cath-check.

--- 3 ---

Another lesson learned. If a nurse says in order to help a mom to the bathroom just unhook them the monitor that does not mean unstrap the leads it means just unhook them from the monitor. It wasn't a bad thing just took a little more work for them to find the heartbeat again. They ended up doing an internal anyway so it didn't really matter.

--- 4 ---

Midterm care plans down, now onto Peds test next Friday and OB test the following Tuesday.

--- 5 ---

Vice-president debate. I know I should care but I just can't get into it. However, I don't think snickering and interrupting is every appropriate, especially when your conversation is televised.

--- 6 ---

Speaking of elections-are you voting? I sure hope so. Every vote matters. Use yours to fight for freedom and life.

--- 7 ---

A look inside a clinical bag. It was exploding with random things and time to be emptied. Things found included two pen lights (because I guess one isn't enough), OB med cards, lots of gloves and alcohol swaps, med surge assessment cheat sheets, ID bands, hospital badges, and medical tape (because if you have tape you save the day).

(Sorry for the bad phone quality picture.)

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