Thursday, December 11, 2014

We seek the Beautiful.

There are three Churches that I go to Mass at here in Pittsburgh.

One I can walk to in about 3 minutes but I am the youngest person there by at least a half a century.

Another has super convenient Mass times, especially when I work on Sundays and has 24 hour Adoration. It is a small simply cozy Church that feels like it is giving you a hug when you are in it.

The last, is the Cathedral.  A grand beautiful Church with endless art just waiting to be appreciated.  I gravitate towards this Church with its large doors and majestic tabernacle.  A backdrop to Mass that is beautiful.  There is something in all of us that seeks beauty.  We enjoy a sunset, place things in our home just so, and twirl in a beautiful dress. Our God is a great God and it is so right and fighting to build and maintain beautiful Churches to foster our parish communities in.  This advent, seek the beauty to find God in.  Marvel and relish in quiet stillness at the beauty of the babe in the manager.

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