Saturday, December 6, 2014

Two months.

Well it has officially been two months since I moved to Pittsburgh and started my job and what an adventure it has been.  Somedays it feels like I have lived here for years and others like I just moved here yesterday.  Moving and starting this job has come with its own set of ups and downs.  Somedays I am filled with anxiety and question what the heck I am doing.  Other days I can find peace and confidence knowing I am where the Lord wants me to be.

City living has it's benefits--everything is close and opportunities for community and daily Mass is abundant.  However the traffic and lack of parking wears me thin some days.

My job is  They say you learn more in the first four months as an RN than you did in four years of nursing school and based on these first two months I think I can agree.  It is hard to even imagine how clueless, unorganized, and unconfident I was two months ago.

And did I mention that I picked up a second job.  Yeah crazy I know.  I nanny three month old twins three nights a week for a total of 15 hours.  So many babies.  Some days I talk to babies more than I talk to adults.  

I am adjusting.  Life is crazy.  I am working on my personal relationship with Jesus through all of this.  I am learning what this big kid adventure is all about. 


  1. Thanks for updating us, Natalie! Sounds like such an adventure.

  2. So excited for your job!!! And I love that you're also nannying - I babysit on the side, but not as frequently... don't know how I'd handle that. Way to go for navigating big kid adventures! :)