Sunday, September 7, 2014

To say blessed or not?

Sometimes I like to think about languages and ponder how incomplete they are.  Sometimes there just isn't a word for what you want to express and you are left having to say mediocre words or just "smamunk".   There are also some words that have an intended meaning but aren't actually understood that way in our culture today.  Have I already lost you?  Well let me give you some examples of words I am very purposeful about what I say.  Because we do not speak Greek, I rarely say the word "love" about inanimate objects.  I will tell my mom I love her but I try not to say "I love pizza" or "I love those shoes" because I really don't love them in the same way I love someone.  Another example would be the words happy and joy.  I think happiness is good, but often emotional and temporary.  I prefer to wish joy to people, because joy is profound.  Joy can be found in sadness.  Joy is rooted in the Lord and faith.  Catch my drift?

If this isn't joy, I don't know what is.
Because of all these ponderings I do, I was fascinated when I stumbled upon Simcha Fisher's post about "Why I don't say 'I'm so blessed''.  Please go read it for yourself but in a gist, as I understand it, Simcha doesn't like to say "I'm so blessed" feeling like it comes across synonymous with "God loves me" therefore causing the thought that if you don't have this or that blessing God doesn't love you, which could obviously be farther from the truth.

I think she brings up an interesting point and I defiantly get her gist.  However, I don't plan on stopping saying "I'm so blessed" anytime soon and here's why. Because blessings don't always mean good things.  You can be blessed in the middle of something that to the world looks horrible.  Let's look at Mary who blogs at Passionate Perseverance.  Which by the way if you don't follow her blog yet stop reading mine right now and go read hers.  I don't even know her and she inspires me everyday.  Anywho, her daughter Courtney has special needs and recently they were told that her body is quickly shutting down and she probably won't make it to her next birthday.  She has beat the odds over and over again but her body has taken a beating over the years with seizures.  In the eyes of the world, it seems like a grime situation and God must not love them because of it.  However, I think Mary would be the first to shout how blessed they are.  She will tell you over and over again what a blessing Courtney is in their lives and the lives of all those around them.  From this side of the screen I can see their lives are overflowing with blessings whether the world would call it that or not.

Blessings can be found in any situation because God, His love and His grace are always with us, no matter what we are going through or if we feel and acknowledge it.  Because of this faith I have in my loving Father (I am in no way saying Simcha doesn't have faith she just sees this topic with different glasses), I will continue to tell you and anyone who will hear how blessed I am.  My life is overflowing with blessings.
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  1. Gah! I love this. I read Simcha's post earlier this week and while I appreciate her take, it's not a sentiment I could agree with. We ARE all blessed, and like you said, we can be blessed even in times of trial. We can't use it to rub in other's faces when they don't feel blessed, of course. Thank you for sharing this!