Friday, September 5, 2014

7QT (Vol. 26)

Now what would be a first post that would really wow you and wouldn't bore you to death that you would be required to click the "x" out of fear of falling out of your seat asleep.  Yeah I don't know either.

Laura @ A Drop in the Ocean won my Lavender essential oil giveaway so that is probably exciting to no one else but her.

Thursday morning I was driving to work and about 5 minutes away from my house there was an accident, it looked like someone going straight hit some in the opposite direction trying to turn left.  I drove past it.  Everyone seemed to be out of the car and someone else was stopped.  My fear/exhilaration of being the most qualified medical professional at a scene is another post for another day.  Anyway about 2 more minutes down the street is the town fire/EMT/police department.  The fire truck, ambulance, and fire SUV began to pull out.  As I moved to the side of the road I started to cry about the whole incident.  The point of this whole story isn't some profound spiritual revelation but merely the realization that I have the potential to be a basket case when I am pregnant.

I recently wrote a Dave Ramsey post on the bloggity.  I am gearing up to be aggressive with paying my student loan debt.  Currently almost all of the money I am earning is going straight to my loans but especially once I have a RN job I want to hit them like they never saw what was coming.  Because of this, I want to ask you what is your biggest money saving tip-obvious or creative I want to hear it. I have a lot of loans and I am going to need to cut dollar and cents everywhere and want your help to see ways that I haven't thought of before.  Please comment telling me your tips.

If you haven't heard, CVS pharmacy has decided to stop selling tobacco products and change it's name to CVS Health.  Your thoughts? I am going to tell you mine, naturally.  I think it is great.  There are still more than enough places for people to buy their cigarettes.  I think it was awesome marketing because they have now set themselves apart from other drug stores and done something unique.  Previously I would have gone to CVS and another store such as Walgreens interchangeably.  However with this recent announcement I am much more likely to purposely go to CVS just to support them.

The gardens around these parts here are overflowing with yummy yummyness.  So naturally I picked up a new hobby.  Canning, like mason jar boiling water like your grandma or my Amish cleaning lady canning.  I thought it was going to be super tiring and alot of work but I have actually been really enjoying it.  Lots of pasta sauce and some tomato soup put up.  I beat I am going to like this hobby even more on a cold February night when I can pop open a jar of summer.

My mom is having her left knee replaced on Monday. Her right knee went great back in May but that doesn't mean it has to go great this time.  So any spare prayers for her surgery and recovery would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Prayers for your momma. <3

    And I'm jealous of your mad canning skills. It's one of my dreams to be an old-fashioned canning woman. I make salsa every year and pretend to can it by putting it in Mason jars...sometimes they pop and seal, lol, but I really just store them like that in the fridge.

  2. Make your own dishwasher soap and/or laundry detergent... coupons... sell books or clothing {that's more making money, but I figure it may come in handy :) }...

    There are a few websites and apps that have you participate in various ways and you can earn gift cards. I know there are a TON out there and I haven't even tried half of them, but I use a couple and they work for me.

    Praying for your mom!