Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Breeze Ramblings

Parent's side yard

I could make this into a 7QT but that would be like work.  The summer days are here and the livin' is easy.  

There are few things better than a good pedicure and pretty toes.  Except having a conversation with the lady about beer and natural child birth (Our hair dressers, who are sisters and one also does nails, have become our friends.  We went to one of their weddings and one of their baby showers, just to explain the situation a little but better).

I am going to NYC next week for nearly a week!!!!  My friend Sarah and I are driving up to visit another friend Mel who lives in Brooklyn.  I am excited to visit....and eat a New York bagel.  I need to start planning New York worthy outfits now.  

I don't know how much I have mentioned this on the blog but I am super disliking studying for the NCLEX.  I don't know how you med students do it and others who have to independent study a lot.  It is helpful if I can offer it up for specific prayer intentions so please leave them in the comment box below. And as a bonus I will offer them up during my runs too.  

I made look good cupcakes for the first time this past weekend.  Peanut butter with chocolate frosting! 

I warned you this was a rambling one.

If you are going to make deans list why not make it the 10th semester of your college career when it pales in comparison to your actually means something diploma.  I am not complaining, just find it funny. 

I ordered a new laptop but it was missing a piece of the cord, when it comes I can upload some pictures of Hershey Gardens and my trip to Hershey, PA.  I was going to ask you guys your opinion of Mac v. PC but I finally went with the PC.  I am hopping it will get me through at least 2 years and then I will probably invest in the Mac.

Now the debate is should I get a twin or full sized bed when I move into my apartment.  I am defiantly leaning towards twin because of space, cost for every piece of bedding and why do I need a full, no boys are sleeping over but I am willing to be swayed.  

Now go below and give me your prayer intentions and bed size opinions.  I know, a thriller is I.  


  1. Um, whoa, shut up shut up, those cupcakes look INCREDIBLE! Recipe stat, por favor! :)

    I got a full bed when I moved out, and while I think it's more about the quality than the size of the mattress, it has been rather nice to have some space. Also, 1) friend sleepovers and 2) movie nights with wiggle room :) Those are my two reasons :)

  2. Ha, love this! Your toes are super cute. And that is so cool that you have such a good relationship with the lady :-) Good luck studying! Could you remember some family members who have or are falling away from the faith? I would so appreciate that! Those cupcakes look amazing. Someone needs to invent a way to make food come through computers.

    My family has a Mac desktop computer but I never liked it since it's not compatible with a lot of things. I just had to get a new laptop and went with a Lenovo idea pad which I would highly recommend. And bed size? I've only ever had twin size but bigger feels so luxurious. And I like Bek's reasons!

  3. You're awesome. I just love you. You would be a great friend. (And actually, I'm pretty sure you might now a friend's little sister from nursing school at Steubie...Juliette F???)


    New York. You lucky, lucky human being. The end.

    Beds-- have had a twin my whole post-crib life. Until this winter, when my gracious parents brought over a full size bed for me because I wasn't sleeping well after a breakup. It's AMAZING. Now I'll never go back. Love feeling like a queen at night when I bring back books, laptop, a glass of wine?, and just lounge on the bed for a half hour or so before shutting out the light. My two cents. ;) But the space issue is there since you don't know where you'll be living...