Friday, April 25, 2014

Holy Thursday and Easter

I know this blog has been pretty quiet around her lately and honestly not much is going to change until May 16th, after I graduate and take my Kaplan class down here in Steubenville.  Until then I am just breathing in and experiencing every last ounce college life has to offer.  On Wednesday I finished everything but one class' one final.  That is all that stands between me and a diploma, that one final.  To say I am riding the nostalgia train is an understatement.  I am already grieving the loss of all the random things you only do in college but I also know that the next season of life comes with its own unique joys.  I am in this weird place, about to walk over a bridge and transition into this new phase of life.  So don't expect much out of this here bloggity and I am not apologizing.  

I did want to share a little bit of a day in the life of Holy Thursday and a bit about Easter.  

I know some interest of my blog comes from people who want to know what it is like to go to a passionately Catholic college.  On a whim, I wanted to share with you Holy Thursday, day in the life style.  However, I must confess the pictures decreased as the day continued.

7:15---Household Breakfast.  Typically we have Mass before breakfast but the only Mass of the day for Holy Thuraday was in the evening.  

A verse I started crushing on. (Psalm 90:14)

We have this thing here in town called Minsitry to Moms.  I may have talked about it before but basically we go over mom's house and give them an extra set of hands with dishes, laundry, child care, housework and anything else moms need.  I have been with the same family since my first semester here and they have completely invited me into their family.  In fact, it ended up that I joined her household so we are in fact sisters! I have watched their family go from 4, to 6 (twins!), to 7 and celebrated numerous birthdays, holidays and sacraments with them.  They have become such a blessing in my life.  Anyway on Holy Thursday, I went over their house to babysit and do some laundry and dishes.

First some twin snuggles.

Some Frozen watching (my first time seeing it!) 

I quickly went back and changed for Seder Dinner and Holy Thursday Mass.  The family I went to Florida with hosted Seder Dinner and I went over early to help get ready. 

More dishes.

Through a series of unfortunate events, I along with two friends ended up at the kids table.  It was a comedy of events and only three glasses of sparking grape juice were spilled. If I use the hashtag #lyfeatthekidstable2014, you now know why.  

Finally, Holy Thursday Mass which is the beginning of the Tridium services.  Tridium is a big deal here at Franciscan with many families coming in rather than students going home and an abundance of alumni in town.  Holy Thursday Mass is big and sets the tone for rest of the Tridium. I had to work day turn on Good Friday so after Mass off to bed I was.

It feels weird to jump from Holy Thursday to Easter but bear with me.  I just wanted to take a moment to relish in the absolute majesty of Easter.  Alleluia! Christ is Risen!! Christ is Risen indeed!! Jesus Christ defeated death.  He fulfilled all that he had promised.  Christ was victorious over the grave.  Our faith is so great and we should be shouting.  We are an Easter people and hallelujah is our song! It's just so easy to burst with life and amazement at Jesus' glory.  I hope you all are having a great Easter octave and will be on here again when I am. 

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