Thursday, April 10, 2014

Regina Angelorum: 20 years of Sisterhood

This past weekend my household, Regina Angelroum, celebrated 20 years of sisterhood.  If you didn't go to Franciscan University, you just can't understand housholds.  I don't mean to be exclusive but you just can't completely understand them unless you have lived with them.  They aren't really a sorority/fraternity, an accountability group, or a prayer group.  They are so much more.

We are bounded by a covenant that calls us on to greater holiness.  We are sisters for life, long after we have left the hill.  We wear matching sweatshirts like a toddler carries around their blankie.  We have crazy stories of shenanigans that should never be repeated....or we should tell them everyday just so that we can achieve those six pack abs.  Our prayer is powerful.  Our devotion is strong.  Our fasting changes lives.

Celebrating 20 years of this was incredible.  We were reminded that we started in order to give a group of broken woman a home.  We were rebels without a cause.  We may not have been what people expect of the image of holiness, but we were and are holy.  We aren't Mary but we do need to be like Mary.  We have fought for sisterhood and need to continue to fight for sisterhood.  Each line of our covenant is there for a reason and we need to dive deeper into our covenant each and every day.

I am so thankful that I had this weekend to reflect on my sisterhood.  It was an incredible blessing to meet so many sisters who I call my sister but I have never even meet.  I cannot wait for the 25th Reunion. Until then, Regina Angelorum, ora pro nobis....past, present, and future. 
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  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful occasion. Did you happen to meet Regina and Libby Martin? They're both Angels and I knew them from when my brother attended Franciscan as was a member of the Knights.

  2. So awesome! :) Man, your sisterhood seriously sounds amazing. Such an incredible gift!

    Also... I love that there are ladies video-chatting and they posed for the pictures! haha I just love it. :)

  3. Love! Sisterhood is a powerful bond, and it's so beautiful to see you all pursuing holiness together!