Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Never Stop Being Lovely

I wrote this a very very very very long time ago and hadn't yet hit publish.  Well ladies the time is now and I have finally hidden published.  Enjoy this post that almost wasn't.

When I stumbled upon this blog post (on Facebook maybe?) I knew I had to pass it onto my lovely readers. 

Chelsea writes on More Like Momma about becoming lovely and staying lovely.  She writes about how we as women make sure we smell nice, look good, and are charming while a nice man is pursuing us and then too often as soon as the "I dos" are said women think they can become frumpy and never put any effort into being lovely for their husbands.  Instead she challenges women to not stop trying just because they are married.  We know men are visual.  We know that they like to be told that they are appreciated and needed.  Why do so many women not find it important to look nice for their husband (at least sometimes) and show them with their actions (not just sexual, but that could work too) that they are appreciated as men.  

This article is a must check out so please hope over and read it
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