Sunday, February 23, 2014

NAS: Masculinity

Who is a great example of masculinity in your life (father, brother, uncle, priest, etc)? What do you love about them?

Mmm masculinity makes my heart go pitter patter.  A strong guy--physically and spiritually.  A guy who knows how to love a woman.  A guy who knows how to be loved by and love the Lord. A guy who knows how to be a man.  One who can see the sin of Adam and the strength of Christ.  One who, by being a man, makes a woman want to be a better woman.  Mmm like I said pitter patter.  

I have been blessed to have good, not great, men in my life.  I love my dad so much.  He is freaking hilarious too.  Literally says and does the funniest things.  My grandpa was big and strong and knew how to be a patriarch.  Here at Franciscan we are so incredibly blessed with so many Friars who have laid down their life for the Church and know what it means to be a man.  Heck my classmates and peers are striving so much to be men of God.  My best friend's husband shows me where the bar is.  All these guys I talk about in my life show me the kind of guy I will marry.  A guy who will love me, cause me to be a better woman, be a fantastic father, and seeks the Lord each and every day of his life.  A real man, true masculinity, that is what I want standing next to me on the alter and walking with me day by day.    

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