Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NAS: Valentine's Day

What are you thought's about Valentine's day? Do you enjoy? Loathe it? Not even realize it's a special day? Do you celebrate it in any way?

Why hello.  Do you remember me?  My name is Natalie and I blog here @Here I Am.  Long time no blog.

I am trying really hard not to use my three night shifts as an excuse, but those night shifts....they take alot out of you. I prepared, worked and recovered from them while trying to keep up with normal school work.  And then this past weekend I went home to kid/house sit.  And that bring us back to the topic at hand Valentine's Day.

For a secular holiday, Valentine's Day doesn't really bother me.  (Halloween on the other hand...) Does that surprise you?  It has never been a single lady pitty party for me but more a day to wear pink and shower your friends in gifts and such.  And my friends are so good to me.  Just yesterday I received a HUGE Valentine's Day card from the girl who was my roommate last year.  We did Secret Valentine as a household.  Our household brothers made dinner for all of us Angels (though I missed it, see kid/house sitting).  I enjoy it, I don't loathe it, and I just celebrate it with heart shaped everything, lots of pink and of course chocolate.

Quick and nothing profound but I just wanted to write again.  I am really bummed I missed out on last weeks prompt and I might just at some point have to write about it anyway.  
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  1. I appreciate how chill you are :) And Secret Valentines sounds like a lot of fun - keeping that in mind for next year! :)

  2. love the knights. theyre wonderful! and sad we didn't do secret valentine when I was there! you ladies are so creative.

  3. Man! I would love to have been part of a community like that when I was in college! So cool! Glad you still have a good Valentine's Day! :)