Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NAS: Surviving Parties

If you have been around this blog since the beginning of the summer than you may remember that I went to five weddings between the beginning of July and the middle of September.  I have had to attend my share of events as a single person and there is no sugar coating it, it can stink.   I vividly remembering driving to a wedding alone where I would only know a handful of people and stressing over the fact that I may not know anyone once I got there.   Defiantly a situation where I wish I had a date so that I would at least have him to chat with.  So big events, yeah I wish I had a date.

Casual parties are a whole nother story.  I never really go to a party that I don't know anyone.  I know how to small talk and talk to pretty much anyone about anything.  I love being about to move around mingling, laughing and getting to know alot of the people at the party. So small causal gatherings I have never even had a second thought going alone.

I started reading some of your ladies entries and I have to say I have never had anyone make a comment about me being single.  Yes small intimate gatherings with some ladies a comment may have been made but honestly more of my friends are single than are not.  I think if someone random ever made a single comment I would be flustered and have not respond with as much grace as I may wish.  You ladies are awesome for sometimes having to deal with that.

So I feel like I didn't let you guys in on anything profound or insightful but there are my thoughts on surviving parties as a single person.  

I will be sad not to hear from all you of you on a weekly bases but please follow my blog and instagram and I will be sure to follow you so that we can all keep in contact over the blessed Christmas season.  

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