Thursday, November 14, 2013

7QT (Vol. 21)

So I haven't been around this here bloggity lately, chalk it up to life.  However I keep putting interesting articles and videos into a draft post so alot of these are random tidbits that I want to pass on.

So this weeks Not Alone Series topic was Vulnerability with Friends and I totally thought I was going to be alone in my ideas about the topic but virtually everyone wrote about the exact same thing.  That is just something awesome about the Not Alone Series.  Here is my thoughts on the topic and go check out all the ladies' thoughts at Morgan's blog.

So Breast Cancer month is over but I wanted to pass on this article because it makes you stop and think exactly how you are supporting women with breast cancer.  I don't want to get in a debate or hurt anyone but I do want to bring up the fact that some big breast cancer awareness associations give money to Planned Parenthood knowing that Planned Parenthood hands out oral hormonal contraceptives and performs abortions which we know directly sky rockets your chance of getting Breast Cancer.  Just something to think about when you consider how to support the cause.

Ahh this article, just makes you excited about life!

I may or may not have cried watching this video when the mom listens to her daughter's heart recipient. Grab some tissues, its a tear jerker.

Want more tears, here watch this one too.  Something about adoption stories just always makes me weep.

So I know all your moms out there will roll your eyes because I know you have it soooo much worse with all your little kiddos but this time change hit me hard.  I know it is only an hour but I felt like I was off for a week.  I wonder how I adjusted to the 6 hour Austria time change so easily.

My household, Regina Angelorum, is on retreat this week so please please keep us in your prayers.  This is going to be a really fruitful and blessed retreat so we need all the prayers we can get!

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  1. ok that video made me bawl my eyes out

  2. I didn't realize you're in Regina Angelorum! My brother was a Knight of the Holy Queen.