Thursday, April 23, 2015

Purposeful Life.

Living life over here in this part of the world and now with a little bit more intentional purposefullness.  Now I know a lot of you ladies reading this are in a similar demographic as I, namely twenty somethings, unmarried but discerning marriage, career focused, adventure seeking yada yada.  I also know you guys inspire me everyday and half the stuff I say you guys are probably like yeah duh Natalie, of course.  But here I am saying it again on this here bloggity because I like to hear myself talk, er read myself right.  

I have been driving a lot lately-Chicago, Hershey, Cleveland, Steubenville-and thus have had some serious conversation time with the Lord.  You give him a moment and he woes and wows you.  He has been rocking my heart and my life big time.  

Natalie, get on with the point.

He is inspiring me to live life more purposely.  I feel like I have but I now feel Iike I have a renewed mindset and intention.  I am struggling with being unsure about what the next step in my life looks like and unsure about when I should take that step.  And while through his grace and Our Lady's intercession I am staying afloat with blind obedience I need to live the now more purposefully.  Rather than thinking well I won't be able to do this because I want to be married and have at least one kid by the time I am 30, I am instead focusing on all that he wants me to do for his kingdom now. Not worrying about numbers or my plan but about his glorious plan.

I have talked about this before on this here blog but doesn't hurt to be said again, amen?! So ladies, keep being purposeful about your daily fiat for the kingdom of God.

And if you made it though all those words you deserve a picture of glorious days off. 


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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Natalie! Even though it's easier said than done, life is so much better when we let go of our expectations and go with whatever God has in ind :-)